Throughout history, UK land has been one of the world’s most valuable assets. It has been heavily in demand but in limited supply. This has been exacerbated by the 20th century population move to urban centres and has led to a significant undersupply of housing which is forecast to increase further over the next 20 years.

Eden purchase brownfield and allocated development sites with the intention of obtaining planning consent for either a change of use or an increase in the development area which in turn will result in a significant increase in the value of the asset. We then replace private investors with institutional backers who will then develop out the project. The private investors can obtain significant returns on their investment once planning has been agreed. The typical investment period for private investors is 12-18 months and we target 25%+ investment returns with managed protected downside for the projects. We work with specialist partners throughout the UK with the concentration on key urban centres and towns where we have identified the highest demand/supply imbalances. Importantly, our partners are chosen due to their specific relationships with targeted boroughs and councils, have local knowledge, and have demonstrable track records.

The investment opportunity for private investors lies in the fundamental imbalance between supply and demand and is augmented by a relaxation in planning rules in January 2014 with the Governments “Right to Contest Scheme”. This has led to a greater pool of development sites and a greater will to turn unused and derelict land and brownfield sites into a variety of different uses; private residential and social housing, student accommodation, commercial and retail space.